How to Save Money on Man and Van Removals

Using man and van removals is preferred when moving a small house or office.  It is easy to engage a man and van service, and it is versatile enough to fit into different small parking spaces and streets. If cost is a concern, as it should be, there are ways to save on money when engaging a man and van service. How can you do this?

Get rid of the junk

The bigger the size of the van you need, the higher you will pay. If you have accumulated junk over the years, it will add to the volume and hence cost. As much as you want to keep stuff for sentimental purposes, it is better to get rid of it. Sort through the junk for what can be kept and what you need to dump.

Use second hand packing boxes

Packing boxes are very momentary. You will only need them for a few hours. You don’t need new packing boxes to move your stuff. Second hand boxes are readily available in liquor stores, bookshops and supermarkets. Buy them or ask the man and van removal service to bring some along.

Compare price quotes

The first price quote you get could be the highest or the lowest. Whatever the price is, confirm before you commit. Look at several price quotes before settling on the service that you can afford. Pick at least three price quotes and compare. Choose what you need, not necessarily on price but the whole package.

Pack tightly

The way you pack can make your load voluminous or fit well in the van that you choose. Packing early will give you the time to make the packing more compact. Use a checklist to pick what is to go into which box. Stuff that is not needed should be packed early and get out of the way.

Pick a right sized van

Pick the man and van removals according to the load that you have. While it is advisable to pick a van that can carry all the stuff in one go, picking a size that is unnecessarily larger than you need pushes up the cost needlessly. Choose the size of the van carefully.

Look at the review sites

Review sites are good for checking out the reputation of the man and van removals service before you make a commitment. What are past customers saying? Did they get satisfactory service?  How helpful was the team that came with the van? How friendly was the billing?

5 Smart Ways for Reducing Cattle-Related Expenses

Cattle require plenty of things to grow well and give you a solid return on your investment. The ROI cannot be what you hope if expenditure remains high and keeps going beyond your budget. Ordinary farmers who keep cattle commercially are a frugal lot. They are not only resourceful but also try to avoid wastefulness at all costs. They also work hard; hence, the importance of seeing and enjoying the fruit of their labor.

What can you do to reduce cattle-related expenses?

Spend Less on Winter Feed

Start by taking a keen interest in the money spent buying food during winter. In winter, it’s good to feed the cattle on grass. Grain, silage, and hay are costlier. Trying to focus on them as the source of primary feed for your cattle will only see your bank account getting depleted with each passing day. Finding more efficient methods of producing cattle feed is a good thing. However, reducing the time the cattle need to feed is much better.

Calving at the Right Time

Also, know the right time for calving. Many farmers find their finances disappearing into thin air simply because they calve at the wrong season or time of the year. Find a calving cycle that’s not only cost effective, but also gives you more time to repay any loan you might have borrowed from the local bank. Some calving cycles are also more likely to push your winter feeding costs beyond anything you were prepared for.

Choose Ideal Grazing Practices

Take a close look at some of the grazing practices that you have embraced. Certain practices are inefficient thus not worth continuing with. Two of the most inefficient practices include:

  1. infrequent pasture moves
  2. set-stocking

A good grazing practice has the following traits:

  • increases pasture yields
  • increases quality of the grass
  • improves weight gain in cattle
  • reduces cost of fertilizers
  • reduces weeds
  • lowers labor costs

Selecting the Right Breed

It’s important to have the right expectations, especially where cattle breed are concerned. Cattle breed should always match expectations. Take cognizant of marketing expectations and climate adaptations before settling on any particular breed of cattle to keep within your farm for commercial or personal use. Choose breed of cattle that are perfectly suited for the conditions that persist in the environment where your farm or ranch is situated.

Horrible Culling Habits

Lousy culling habits will push your expenses up. Poor skills where selection of cattle herd is concerned will never augur well for your finances. Most ranch owners have to contend with various problems. Some of these include diseases, calving difficulties, inefficient cattle, and poor conception rates. The one thread that connects these problems together is a terrible culling program as well as poor skills in selecting the right breed.

How to Find Rooms to Rent Manchester

Check below info for rooms to rent in Manchester

If you are new in Manchester city, or just want to have affordable rent, it is very likely that you will be looking up numerous ‘Rooms to Rent’ offers. You probably have heard of horror stories about inhabitable rooms that looked good and tyrant landlords out to get the tenants at every turn. Keep heart, not all renting experiences turn out badly. It is possible to get good rooms to rent Manchester and a caring landlord as an added bonus. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Where to find rooms?

This is the number one question. Where can one find rooms to rent?  Fortunately, there are several places and forums where you can find this information. If you are a student, there is the student’s noticeboard which will have several offers for rooms to rent, mainly house shares and flatshares. You could also look up different classifieds on the web.  Google is your friend here. A simple search ‘Rooms to rent’ will turn up hundreds of offers in the locality.

Take the less beaten path

There are more and more residential areas coming up that offer better rents than the usual residential areas. Do not be afraid to look into these offers. New areas and apartment blocks will have lower rents to attract more people.

Have a sidekick

What looks good to you could be an entirely different thing to different eyes. That is why you would want to carry along a friend to confirm what you are seeing, or talk you out of a situation where you are clearly being suckered.

Do a visual inspection

It is unbelievable how many people will part with their hard earned money on the promise of ‘clean rooms to rent with elderly landlady.’ Confirm visually what is being pitched before taking out your wallet.

Be clear on the bills

Be very clear on your financial obligations.  Rent is obviously your responsibility. But find out if the bills are included in the rent. Before committing any money ensures that there is a tenancy agreement in place.

Know the people

It is not always possible to choose your neighbours but you can get prepared for them. Who is the landlord and what is his/her nature? If it is a flatshare, or a houseshare, who are the housemates? What do they do?  Different people have different lifestyles, you can’t win them all but at least you can get into the rooms prepared for what is coming.

10 Steps for Making Your Herd of Cattle Bring in More Profit

If you keep cattle purely for commercial purposes, then you need to find ways of making the business more profitable. Most people who rear cattle believe the best way of doing this is by reducing expenses. Well, that’s only one measure.

Below are ten ways you can earn increased profits from your herd of cattle.

Buy High Quality Cattle

First, avoid buying inferior cattle. Average cattle will also not bring in the desired profits. Look for cattle with a reputation for excelling in terms of growth. Look for top tier cattle. Buy them from people, companies, or ranches that only keep high quality cattle.

Join Cattle Marketing Associations

Your membership with a reputable cattle marketing association is likely to prove hugely profitable within no time. Such associations are ideal because of the expertise they have. The associations are full of members who are knowledgeable on:

  1. implementing best cattle management practices
  2. improving the health of cattle
  3. preconditioning requirements that are necessary for reducing shrinking

Keep an Eye Out on the Size of Your Cattle

Also, do not ignore the size of your cattle. Ordinarily, you need more forage to feed larger cows, which would affect the amount of pasture that you stock. It’s advisable to reduce the stocking rate by around 11 percent if you’re unable to do anything about the forage production.

Treat the Cattle Well

Do not mistreat your cattle. Instead, handle them the way you would any employee working for you. Without the cattle, your business would run aground. Without employees, there would be no one producing the goods and services your business sells.

Cull the Cattle Regularly

Culling is highly recommended. All ornery cows need culling. Fail to cull your old and open cows at your own risk. Additional culls are also good, but only depending on what the situation warrants.

Restrict the Cattle to Defined and Short Breeding Season

Developing a specific breeding season produces stunning results. The breeding season should not only be predefined but also short. Rear as many cows that have a reputation of calving earlier and you will never have to worry about their average weaning weight.

Lower Feeding Expenses

The feeding expenses have to remain within budget. Do not spend too much money acquiring the food the cattle need. All cows need to get adequate proper nutrition in real time. Identify the nutritional deficiencies the cattle go through and make the necessary adjustments.

Use Heterosis

Utilizing heterosis is highly advisable when you intend to increase the overall efficiency of your commercial cattle. Most cattlemen have no problem using this tool. The tool not only increases weaning weight but also enables cows to live longer.

Maintain Proper Records

Finally, develop a habit of maintaining records. Keep proper records to manage your cattle better. Without these records, you will struggle to make accurate management decisions. Developing Key Performance Indicators will go a long way to enable you achieve this goal.

How to Get the Best from End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips Preparations

End of tenancy cleaning is something you cannot escape is you want to a reimbursement of your tenancy deposit. Sometimes the cleaning service will fail to do a stellar job out of ignorance of what is needed. You may also fail to observe these oversights only for the landlord to make a dispute. This is especially true for a furnished unit where the scope of work will be large. What are the things to look out for to ensure that the end of tenancy cleaning service has done a proper job?

Cleaning the living room

This is the area that sees the highest foot traffic in the house. It is also where residents of the house spend most of the time. As such, it will have more stains on the carpet, food spills on the upholstery, random paintings on the walls and furniture and so on.

Cleaning this area involves vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery if necessary.  Any stains on the carpets, rugs and hardwood floor should also be cleared. Uncovered furniture, chrome and glass surfaces should be dusted and polished.

Cleaning the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets accumulate debris, food crumbs and clutter over time. This should be cleared. The oven and microwave also accumulate grease and oil presenting suitable places for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Degreasing and cleaning with an antiseptic should be done on these items that handle food. Any food remaining in the fridge should be cleared and the fridge cleaned. Waste in the bins should be taken out.

Cleaning the bathroom

Lime scale on the showerheads and faucets should be scraped off and these surfaces scrubbed with a wire brush to a shine. The soap scum on the walls, shower screen and drains should be cleared as well as any stuck hairs and other debris.

Cleaning the bedroom

Unused bedrooms will have accumulated dust, cobwebs and musty air. All cabinets and drawers should be cleared and cleaned. The carpets, rugs and curtains in the bedrooms should also be cleaned.

Cleaning other areas

Other areas of the house to be cleaned include the hallways, stairs and landings. Dirt, handprints and other marks should be wiped off.

If the unit is a standalone, end of tenancy cleaning should cover the veranda and clearing any litter in the garden.

Having the areas above covered during end of tenancy cleaning will ensure the cleaning can pass inspection. Having a professional end of tenancy cleaning service do the job increases your chances of picking up your tenancy deposit in a short faster.

7 Reasons why to Use End of Tenancy Cleaners London

Preparing your premises for occupancy is a chore you have to do as a landlord at the end of each tenancy. Some tenants will cooperate and do a proper job of doing the cleaning, while some barely bother about it and leave the house in a disastrous state. The way the cleaning is done has a direct impact on how fast you can attract potential tenants. If potential tenants are impressed by the house, you are guaranteed that the house will be occupied faster. You can even play off the tenants and get a higher rent for it. Using professional end of tenancy cleaners can help you make this happen. Here is why you should consider having an experienced cleaning crew on the job.

A thorough cleaning job

A cleaning service is a professional outfit that has invested resources in manpower and equipment for professional cleaning jobs. A cleaning crew will come to the job fully loaded with equipment like hoovers and even hoisting equipment to move heavy items if there is a need for it. They will also be able to work on stubborn stains using industrial grade bleach. This is more capacity than a mop and bucket.

Save on time

You want a vacated house to be occupied as fast as possible to keep your rents coming in. A cleaning crew helps this happen in two ways; by doing an impressive job, and cleaning the house in time as per tight deadlines.

Handling difficult to clean items

Cleaning under heavy items like the sofa can be trick when doing the cleaning solely.  End of tenancy cleaners will also handle the upholstery on soft furnishing by steam cleaning where needed.

Better and safe disposal

An end of tenancy cleaning job will produce a lot of trash. This has to be dumped safely and legally. A cleaning crew will save you the hassle of acquiring permits and rubbish disposal trucks as they will handle the trash as part of the job.

Safety precautions

A thorough cleaning job entails a bit of risk; falling from heights when cleaning high surfaces, or getting crushed or hit by heavy items. There is also the risk of items getting damaged or broken. Personal safety risks also include allergies and irritation from harsh chemicals. Using end of tenancy cleaners will help you avoid all these risks. A cleaning crew is also insured which makes handling your items safer.

Using end of tenancy cleaners london is the best option when seeking to fill up a vacant housing unit fast and attract better rents.

Top 7 Tips for Healthy Cattle

Vet bills are the second biggest cost item for a cattle owner after feeding. Apart from curative medicine, cattle regularly require preventive health care. This includes deworming and vaccination. Disease poses the biggest risk for a farmer even bigger than drought as some diseases can wipe out a herd in under a week.  This is why every cattle rancher must have the basics of keeping his/her herd healthy at all times.

Good shelter

Cows are susceptible to harsh weather as they suffer diseases such as pneumonia. Adequate shelter should offer protection for your cattle from harsh weather as well as provide a relaxation space when your cattle retire from pasture. A good shelter should be three sided with the closed back keeping off the wind. It should provide adequate ventilation as cows give off a lot gases and moisture as waste.

Good feeding

Cows need a balanced diet too. This kind of diet should include proteins and mineral supplements. A good feeding plan takes into account factors like the cow’s weight and other special needs like lactation or disease. Feeding plans can be downloaded off the internet.

Good feeding includes adequate hydration. An adult cow will readily drink 12 gallons of water per day. Remember the cows will need water even during winter.


Cows take in different parasites when feeding. These parasites bring on negative health effects like loss of appetite and anemia. Regular deworming gets rid of these parasites such that the cows achieve optimal feed conversion for higher yields in beef and milk.

Good pasture management

Pasture management ensures that there is always adequate grass and other forage for your herd. Ensure that the pasture is able to support your herd.  Optimal management involves dividing the pasture into lots. You can then rotate the cows using a portable fence. This will allow the lots to recover and grow healthier grass as the cows fertilize the pasture naturally.

Good breeding

A healthy calf will readily grow into a healthy adult cow.  You can identify quality herds by attending livestock shows.  You can book the next lot of weaned calves from the breeder you identify.  A cheaper option would be asking the vet to make a request for semen for the breed that you want. The limitation of this approach is that you cannot predict 100% the gender of the calf.

Breeding management will also involve choosing the cows to breed when growing your herd. Selecting only the cows with the best traits will result in a healthier herd.

Top 7 Tricks for More Cattle Profits

The ranching sector has not been easy in the recent times. Stakeholders in the cattle industries and varied opinions estimated the market in 2017 to be half what it was two or three years ago. In this kind of environment, it pays to look at your business model and operations to maintain or improve your profitability. How can you do this?

Join a Marketing alliance

A cattle marketing alliance will improve your capacity in deploying best management practices.  As a verified cattle producer, they will also assist you in improving the health of your herd by use of proven health protocols. You will also be able to share in good prices when your cattle are sold as part of a large herd which improves bargaining power.

Buy high quality bulls

Invest a little bit extra to buy a proven bull. An additional $750 on such a bull could net you $1500.  This will come in the form of calves with good traits that can be sold off within a year after being weaned off.

Cull some cows

This will help you get rid of part of the herd that costs you but bring less in returns.  Cows to be culled include the old ones that have difficulty adding weight and weaning good sized calves and those that are open when approaching winter as they will take very long to calf.  Troublesome cows should be culled too as they are a liability risk. They could injure herders and other people, they lead others astray making poor feeding, and are difficult to manage in the pen.

Go for average sizes

A heavier than average cow will demand more forage per day. A cow that is heavier by 200 pounds will take up 17% more forage than an average sized cow. This means that stocking up heavier cows must be accompanied by an increase in forage otherwise the size of the herd has to come down.

Make your breeding season short

When calves are born in the first third of the calving season, they will be about 10% heavier than they would be if they born at a later date. For example a calf born at 25 pounds and gaining 2 pounds per day would be about 50-60 pounds by the weaning date in the fall.

Use heterosis

This a favorite tool to improve cow weights, improving feedlots and producing better calves.

Control feeding

Monitoring feeding will help you track expenses, nutritional demands and help reduce wastage.

In all this, remember that you must keep records so that you can know where you are coming from and what impact your changes are making.